Oct 30, 2016

Metallic Unicorn Premium Cocktail Shaker Set 10 Piece Home Bar Tool Kit


I received this awesome Bartender 10 piece cocktail bar tool kit and I'm so excited! I already do have a shaker, but I didn't have extra straws or glass. I can't wait to play with it! These are absolutely gorgeous and great gift idea!

 This professional bartender set includes:

-1 330 ml SS SHAKER: Perfect for making 1 or 2 drinks at once, while you can also use ice during the preparation for a chilled, refreshing cocktail fast and easy.
-1 SS DOUBLE WALLED COCKTAIL GLASS: With cooling gel for extra insulation, this stylish glass will keep your cocktail cold and fresh for way longer!
-1 JIGGER: The best way to measure your drinks or liquors. Also great as shot glass for some extra fun.
-1 CORKSCREW BOTTLE OPENER: Open your bottle of wine or any corked bottle hassle free.
-2 STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS: Don’t let plastic straws destroy the image of your drink!
-4 STAINLESS STEEL POURERS: To serve yourself and your guests easily, eliminating spills and leaks!

-Dishwasher Safe
-Supreme Quality
-FDA Approved
-The Only 10-Piece Shaker Kit


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