Oct 31, 2016

Mr. B Bakery - Beverly Hills


Mr B. bakery is one of the new bakery in Beverly Hills. The owners are Taiwanese, and it's Euro/Asian fusion bakery.  I was here to taste some of their delicious breads back in August. Everything was really delicious, and wow, such a cute place! This is my new go to place when I'm in the area! And this is my personal opinion, but I like this place better than bouchon bakery. It just could be because I'm an Asian tho..

Love it!! It still tastes good!

veggie patch focaccia was one of my favorite of all.
strawberry puff cream cheese bagel. They also have matcha, mango, and other flavors of bagels.
Black sesame - one of the popular bread

Mr. B special - Create your own drink! Pick the flavor and toppings. I got black sesame smoothie with mochi, macaron, and cookie crumbles on top

Mr. B Bakery 
9667 1/2 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 91206

(310) 246-5144

Sunday: Closed
Saturday: 10AM–4PM



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