Nov 20, 2016

Pour-Over Coffee Travel Mug


 I just received this cool thermal coffee mug with built in dripper. It's absolutely easy to use and easy to clean. The only thing is that when I drink, I have to remove the mug lid every time.

- Built in, pour-over Stainless Steel Dripper – the high-density mesh filter is detachable, concealable and screws into the bottom of the cup while traveling. Store your ground coffee powder inside the dripper compartment for on-the-go brewing!
- Drip brew handcrafted coffee brings out rich and refreshing aromas from fresh ground coffee. The dripper can easily rest on the multi-purpose lid. Saves the hassle of using paper filters and is environmentally friendly.
- Double Walled, Stainless Steel Insulation provides 6 hours of hot or cold Retention for this Thermal Travel Coffee Mug. All parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning and are dishwasher-safe.
- Stylish and Easy to Use. Easy “grab-and-go” handle. 13.5 ounce (400ml) volume brews 2-3 servings at a time. Anti-slip silicon base pad for safety.

You set the dripper on top.

Add ground coffee

Pour hot water

And it's done

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