Jan 7, 2007

Mirage - Japonais

Japonais at Mirage. We had to wait to receive each food but everything tasted excellent except crab cakes. We think Japonais and Stack uses same kitchen, this place also had "Hot Rocks" on the menu.
Kaiso salad $7 (marinated sweet vinegar seaweed salad with fresh cucumbers and toasted sesame)

Miso soup $6

Yamagobo roll $7

Eggs $3x2 and Shiro Anago (sake poached eel) $7

Kani Kani (snow crab claws wrapped with shrimp and crab mousse served in a sweet passion fruit sauce $17

Crab cakes $18 (Two pan seared lump crab cakes with soy mustard sauce)
This wasn't good

Grilled Hamachi $27 (Hawaiian Hamachi served with shrimp dumplings in a light wild mushroom broth)

Satsumaimo pommes frites $6

Green Tea Panna Cotta $10 (in a citrus tapioca soup with honey dew sorbet)

Chocolate Indulgence $18
(chocolate ginger mousse cake, chocolate chawan mushi with wild berry soup and chocolate truffle beignet)

2 chocolate

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