Jan 6, 2007

San Gabriel - Dong Ting Chun Chinese Restaurant


We were here, at Dong Ting Chun chinese restaurant, food wasn't good at all, and they were not friendly at all, all they did was take order, bring food, take money, that's it.
You don't get ice water when you sit down but we got tea.
We felt like they are only using cheap ingredients. Usually "house special" food includes shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, and so many other thing but not here.

Dong-Ting style fried rice $5.98
bacon, green onion, and eggs. Taste was ok

Rice Noodles with chicken $6.98
Weird taste, chicken doesn't taste like chicken. we didn't like this at all.

After Dong Ting Chun, I wanted to get boba drinks so we went to here.
Located same shopping mall.
And this boba tea sucked. I ordered green tea boba and I got one below.
It was little different what I thought. I guess my choice was bad, I never disappointed with boba before. oh well, I had to get milk tea boba, I guess.


Can you see boba?

After that, we went to San Gabriel SuperStore. We got all the stuff below for total only $3.82!
5lb. potatoes, oyster sauce, carrots, garlic, green onion, and lettuce.
All this stuff costs almost same as 1 boba tea.

Dong Ting Chun
140 W. San Gabriel Ave., No. 206
San Gabriel 91776
(626) 288-5918


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