Sep 19, 2008

Mitsuwa - Umaimono ichi, May 2008


Mitsuwa had an event back in May called "Umaimono ichi" gourmet fair. They had popular gourmet food from Japan. Everything was a little pricy, but I think it was worth it because I could get actual food from Japan. And yes, everything was delicious.

First, we got this takoyaki. This is a famous "Kukuru" takoyaki from Osaka, Japan. I even know the name of this store. It was $6.50 a package. Made to order. We were waiting in the line, and it smelled really good.

These are the croquettes. I got 2. $3 for 2. I think one was pumpkin, and other one was peas or something, I don't remember.

Next is inari sushi. $9.50 for 1 pkg (5pcs).




sekihan (red bean mochi rice)

Next is rice dango, $5.90 (5pcs)

From left, black sesame, red bean paste, cherry blossom, red bean paste, mitarashi

I loved this pink one.

Ra Poppo sweet potato apple pie, $8.50. I bought this pie last year and I loved it, so I got it again. CLICK HERE for pics from 2007.
It was $7.90 in 2007, and it was $8.50 this year. But it's also freshly baked.

Finally, we got thirsty so we got iced green tea at Yamamotoyama in Mitsuwa, Torrance.

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