Dec 10, 2008

Arizona Charlie's - Sourdough Cafe July, Aug. 2008


Sourdough Cafe at Arizona Charlie's. These photos are from July and August in 2008. We both liked this place because it was really cheap. Plus we get dining credits coupons in the mail. It's only like $30 every month or so, but for $30 you can get more than enough food at this cafe. But when we went back in November, the prices had been changed. So unfortunately, you don't get these prices anymore. Although they are still doing some specials for players club members. I'll post pics from November soon.

The food here is pretty much just like Denny's. Taste and quality wasn't good, but you get big portions and it was cheap. They had a strawberry shortcake for $1.77 (I believe), but now, it's $2.99.

Also, Arizona Charlie's is the place where we did really good on "eBay" video slots. Everybody who's played that game knows it sucks, almost never get the bonus, but here we kept getting it at least every 30 seconds. We also did really good on the Zorro video slots here. It's a penny machine, but we ended up with over $1,000 just on that machine.

coffee $1.79, Coke $1.99, orange juice (sm) $2.25

Bone-in Ham & Eggs $3.29
Broiled ham steak served with two eggs any style, hash browns (I always substitute fries) and toast and jelly or biscuit and country gravy

toast for Bone-in Ham & Eggs

Short stack of two pancakes $3.25

bread (comes with spaghetti)

salad (comes with spaghetti)

soup (comes with spaghetti)

All-you-can-eat spaghetti $4.99
I tasted this and it had some smoky weird flavor.

leftover spaghetti
My husband was planning to eat more than one plate, but he couldn't finish eating the first plate of spaghetti. Look at this leftovers. The portion was huge.

Omelet (ham, green peppers, tomatoes) served with toast and hash browns $7.24 ($4.99 + $0.75 x 3)

bread (comes with turkey dinner)

soup (comes with turkey dinner)

It's just like Campbell's soup.

Roast turkey dinner with dressing and mashed potatoes $7.50

That's a lot of turkey!

Some of the menu from summer, 2008

Open 7 Days a Week
24 hours a Day

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