Dec 27, 2008

Encore Las Vegas


We were at the opening day of Encore. When we were playing at Wynn around 7-7:30pm, already there people were waiting, so my husband got in line at 7:30pm while I was playing slots. The opening was at 8pm, but by the time we finally got inside Encore was about 8:30pm. We wanted to play slots, but every single seat was taken. Nothing open and people were just standing and waiting for a seat to open. We saw so many jackpots. My husband also saw the owner of the Palms casino walking around.

Compared to Wynn, I think Encore is smaller, maybe like half of the size. Inside is very nice just like Wynn.

Encore casino

People waiting to get in to Encore. This line goes all the way from Encore to outside the slot high limit room at Wynn.

More people

Encore under construction

August 2007

June 2007

December 2008

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