Jun 8, 2012

Flavored peanut butter from PB Crave Peanut Butter


Welcome to my home PB Crave peanut butter! When the package arrived, I was so excited to try them out, specially their Razzle Dazzle. Unfortunately, they are not available at your local grocery stores, but you can order online.

Of course I can just spread on bread and eat it, but that's not the way I do (well, ok, I do and I did.)  I've found some recipes using peanut butter, but I'm still on my mission to find more peanut butter recipes. I'll be posting recipes every time I bake something.

Well, THANK YOU for sending me yummy peanut butters!

Trying out Razzle Dazzle and Cookie Nookie

I spread on my homemade bread.

I made PB&N (peanut butter and nutella). It was Oh my god.. so good.




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