Jun 3, 2012

Hester street fair in Hollywood and westwood


New York’s favorite outdoor market is coming to Hollywood this summer for a series of 4 fun filled free events one block East of the historic intersection of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine. The Hester Street Fair will be curating a collection of some of LA’s favorite artisans, craftsmen, collectors, food, brands, bloggers and music.  I went to Hester street fair yesterday. There weren't many venders, I was little disappointed.


Fake bacon and chicken

Soap Farm. All natural and smells good.

Baby cakes and Amella caramels
Babycakes were selling their merchandise, also their cookies ($5 a cookie). I sampled some Amella caramels, carrot cake caramels was so good.

cake bar! They use alcohol to make those yummy desserts.

And when I saw Valerie Confections, I had to stop by. I've been wanted to try this place and they are here, selling all the pastries! I sampled their preserves, and they were super delicious. I also bought two pastries.

Coolhaus used to be $4. Now $6.

After the event, we headed to Westwood for Diddy Riese to get ice cream sandwich.

We stopped by this Brandy Melville store in Westwood. We love this store!

After waiting in line for 5 minutes, I got this yummy ice cream sandwich for only $1.75.

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