Oct 30, 2012

Big Gay Ice Cream truck (revisited)


Yes, I went to back for more Big Gay Ice Cream! I had way too much ice cream this week. Yeah.. I just had 3 coolhaus sammies and hot chocolate..

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Awesome sauce $6
vanilla, spicy chocolate sauce, whipped cream

Cococup $5
dark chocolate soft serve topped with toasted curried coconut
I tasted and it was really curry flavor. Interesting..

Salty Pimp $5
vanilla, dulce de leche + sea salt, dipped in chocolate

There was a hair in my salty pimp ice cream so I had to ask them to make new one for me. When I told them, they said "It happens". Um.. sure, It happens sometimes, but they should be more careful and should apologize at least. Well, my chocolate covered vanilla soft serve was delicious.



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