Oct 31, 2012

Men Oh Tokushima ramen - Little Tokyo

Perhaps, this ramen place may be the best ramen place in Little Tokyo. My recent trip to Shinsengumi was very disappointed. Also I don't think Daikokuya, Koraku or Orochon is that good.
Unfortunately, I wasn't hungry at all so I was hoping that they're gonna have half portion ramen on the menu but they didn't. So I ordered small Tokushima don. I also tasted my friend's ramen. Everything I ate here were very good.


Tokushima don (S) $2.50
Stir fried pork belly, simmered pork, seasoned bamboo shoots, shredded nori seaweed, and green onions over rice. It was tastier than I expected. It was too fatty for me but still, I enjoyed it.

Gyoza $4.50

Tonkotsu ramen $7.95
chashu,menma, onions, kikurage, (egg), seaweed. Tonkotsu soup didn't have any meaty smell or flavor like Shinsengumi. The noodle was  thin noodles and it was cooked al dente.

side of pork belly

Shoyu ramen $7.95
chashu,menma, onions, boiled spinach, egg, seaweed

Rating : 4 / 5
Service: 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Men Oh Tokushima ramen
456 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 687-8485

Tue-Sun 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Tue-Sun 5:30 pm - 10 pm




Oct 30, 2012

Big Gay Ice Cream truck (revisited)

Yes, I went to back for more Big Gay Ice Cream! I had way too much ice cream this week. Yeah.. I just had 3 coolhaus sammies and hot chocolate..

CLICK HERE for more Big Gay Ice Cream pics

Awesome sauce $6
vanilla, spicy chocolate sauce, whipped cream

Cococup $5
dark chocolate soft serve topped with toasted curried coconut
I tasted and it was really curry flavor. Interesting..

Salty Pimp $5
vanilla, dulce de leche + sea salt, dipped in chocolate

There was a hair in my salty pimp ice cream so I had to ask them to make new one for me. When I told them, they said "It happens". Um.. sure, It happens sometimes, but they should be more careful and should apologize at least. Well, my chocolate covered vanilla soft serve was delicious.



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Oct 28, 2012

626 Night Market Oct. 20. 2012

I couldn't make it to the past 626night market but I made it this time. This time it happened at Santa Anita Park. This park is huge, but the place was packed later at the night. The weather was not very good, it started raining maybe around 7pm so we left.

Visit my facebook page for complete pics.

Astro's mini donuts

Thai satay chicken from Golden Snacks $2.50

From Takken

Japanese veggie croquette $2


Lemongrass pork meatballs $3

From 16oz. Ice Cream Bun $3
Sweet buns (I think it was Hawaiian rolls) with Thai ice cream

Gottsui Okonomiyaki

Angus Beef $5 and Seafood $5

Waffle samples

From Covina Tasty vegetarian fast food
Chick'n nugget $3
No, it wasn't real meat.

Pan fried buns $3

mama's special $3.75 from mama musubi
shrimp, imitation crab, scallions, ponzu mayo

From Velvet Rope
I tried sample of red velvet cake truffles, it was YUMMY.


Oct 26, 2012

B1 Breadshop - Downtown L.A.

I wanted to come here since they opened but I never had a chance to visit because of the location. But I finally made it. This place is open until 5pm but when I got here around 3:30pm, most pastries were gone. They said most pastries sell out around noon. Well, I hope I can go back again sometime in the morning.

chocolate croissant, almond croissant, brioche and palmier were the only pastries left.

Almond croissant $3.50

Rating : 4 / 5
Service: 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes

B1 Breadshop
2301 E 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90023

(323) 263-3788

Mon-Fri 7 am - 5 pm
Sat-Sun 8 am - 2 pm



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Oct 24, 2012

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Pop Up in Los Angeles

Yes, they are here in Los Angeles for 4 days only, until Oct. 27. I had to try it. There were about 5 people in front of me, waited about 5-10 minutes. Not bad. I already new what I wanted to try. I wanted to eat Fig + olive oil sundae and cococone. But I didn't have enough cash with me, also I thought it's too much to eat two ice cream before my core class at the gym. So I got sundae. I'm hoping to catch the truck by the end of the week so I can try cococone too. My sundae was $6, not cheap. But who cares? They are only here for 4 days. So if you are in L.A., check their website for the truck schedule.


Fig + olive oil sundae $6
vanilla, olive oil, fig sauce.

I thought they're gonna swirl some fig sauce and olive oil, but this is what I got. It was like soft serve soaked in olive oil. I liked soft serve and fig sauce, but it was way too much olive oil for me. I wish they warned me. That was the only disappointment.



Big Gay Ice Cream Truck on Urbanspoon