May 2, 2013

Sticky Rice grand opening - Grand Central Market


I was invited to Grand Opening event at Sticky Rice. This place used to be La Mamma burger.
Unfortunately, I had to get to work so I could only stay there for 30 minutes. Too bad I missed some other food but they got Thai curry for me to go.  

With Sticky Rice, David Tewasart (Soi 7, Spirit House) is on the forefront of the new generation of Thai restaurateurs dedicated to using organic, free-range and locally sourced ingredients to celebrate the vibrant flavors of authentic Thai regional cooking.

At the helm will be Johnny Lee, chef of Tewasart’s Spirit House and former Rivera and Flying Pig staffer. Sticky Rice's seasonal, market-driven menu will change frequently, and the current menu for spring will feature khao mun gai, a Thai version of Hainan chicken rice; gai yang grilled chicken served with Thai bbq sauce; five-spice pork belly stew, and a changing selection of curries and signature Thai salads made to order in a large pok pok mortar in the open kitchen.

Buddhist monks from the Wat Thai Temple were there to bless  

This is what I got. Beef Panang (curry) with coconut rice.Yes, that's right, their rice was mixed with coconut milk. I've had rice at Thai restaurants many times but this was the first time having rice mixed with coconut milk. It's yummy when you mix with curry like I did below. Oh and I forgot to tell you, they don't use MSG (most Thai restaurants in Thaitown using MSG.)

Sticky Rice
317 S Broadway Stall C-4-5
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(626) 872-0353

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