May 31, 2013

Valerie Confections and G&B grand opening - Grand Central Market


Today was the G&B and Valerie confections grand opening day at Grand Central Market. I wanted to avoid lunch time but I got here around 12:15pm and this place was packed. I couldn't find any tables open so I got some stuff quickly and left. But I know I'll be here again next week.

So I checked out Valerie Confections. There weren't many choices. I hope they're gonna have more pastries next week. I wanted to get salted caramel croissant, but they were sold out. Damn..

CLICK HERE for more pics of Valerie

Goat cheese danish with pomegranate icing. I wanted this but cheese... ahhhh

blue corn muffin

blueberry muffin and zucchini bread

..And I got this coffee crunch cake $6.
Two layers of sponge cake, coffee whipped cream frosting, covered in bits of crunch

Rich, moist, soft, sweet, delicious.

G&B also opened today. There were many coffee lovers here for their grand opening day.

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