Jun 12, 2013

Out of business shops at Grand Central Market


Since I work in Downtown, I always stop by here after work so I know all the changes. Many shops has been closed and opening new shops. Sticky Rice, Valerie, and G&B opened recently. And Horse Thief (in June) and The Oyster Gourmet (in September) will join at Grand Central Market.

This place is still in the business. I buy my fruits here all the time.


Boba. I think it was under $2.  This place closed but there is another boba place here.

Mexican bakery. closed.

Piccolo pizza. closed.

$1.25. so cheap and big.

This place is also still in the business. You can get mini alcohol bottles really cheap.

Grand Central Market 
317 S Broadway
Los Angeles,CA90013

Mon-Sun 9 am - 6 pm



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