Feb 10, 2014

Dumb Starbucks Coffee - Los Feliz


So Dumb starbucks just opened in Los Feliz last Saturday, so I went there yesterday. I got there around 11:30am and there were already line. But I was there and since they were still giving away for free so I decided to wait in line. Yup, I'm dumb.

There were only two workers so it was moving slow. Also they don't have machines for blended drinks yet so they only had just hot drinks at the moment.

Also I don't understand the people who were bringing dogs inside the store. There were too many dogs at this store. Do you even think about people who are allergic to it? I'm sure dogs are part of your family but if you are bringing pets to public stores, please think about the other people who can't have animals around. That's the manner. And stores shouldn't be allowed pets inside. Health department needs to take some action.

Dumb Starbucks is not affiliated in any way with Starbucks co.

Here's the menu

They put "dumb starbucks" sticker on paper cup.

They were giving away free pastries from Vons

It looks like wrapped in plastic wrap.

Suddenly this guy came in and started selling unofficial dumb starbucks caps and mugs. It was donation so you decide the price. He sold everything in 1 minute.

He looks so happy

I got black coffee and caramel macchiato with 2% fat milk since they didn't have non fat milk. I thought it was funny when I spotted the barista handed soymilk to the guy and he poured soy milk himself.  

Caramel macchiato tasted like hazelnut. I wonder if he poured hazelnut instead of caramel. Black coffee was watery. It wasn't hot, not even warm. One of the worst black coffee I've got from actual store. After I finished drinking, I throw the cups away and I wish I saved them. Because so many people were asking me, where's the cup?

The line was longer when I was leaving. This is like 2 hours wait.

FYI: This was for TV show "Nathan for you" so the store is already closed. Check out the show!

Dumb Starbucks Coffee
1802 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027


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