Feb 17, 2007

Gyu-Kaku - Japanese B.B.Q


Gyu-kaku in Sherman Oaks, CA. You grill the food by yourself, and it's fun. I liked food, but not service. We sat down, about 30 minutes no waiter or water, I see the other table ordering food, even they got the table after us. So my husband stand up and walk around to find waiter. That sucked, we never experience before.
We ordered Harami $5.95, Kalbi $5.95, Sausage Platter $6.95, Assorted Veggie $7.95, and Bibimbob $7.45. We were here when they were having their anniversary so instead of total $34.25, it was $26.87. The prices below are the regular prices.


Sausage Platter $6.95

Assorted Veggie $7.95

Bibimbob $7.45 (I wanted take picture before you mix it BUT the waiter mixed it right front of us. Hey, I don't need that service, I wanna do it myself)


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