Mar 31, 2009

Sam's Flaming Grill - Santa Clarita, CA

My husband's Yelp friends recommended this place, so he got food from here. Those people are just crazy, the food wasn't good at all, or maybe we just don't like this type of food. No way we are paying $9. That's way too much. I did like the Napoleon, though.

Beef Shawarama
$8.98 Marinated and spiced slices of beef, stacked on a spit and timely grilled against an open fire.

Napoleon $2.50

Rating (food): 2.7 / 5
Repeat: No

Sam's Flaming Grill

22880 Copperhill Dr.

Santa Clarita, CA 91350

(661) 296-0103

19433 Soledad Canyon Rd.

Santa Clarita, CA 91351

(661) 298-0115

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Mar 30, 2009

Vegas offers

Here's the offers we recently received.

Treasure Island:
3 complimentary nights, $100 in free play, $75 choice offer (food, spa, shop or free play)

Palace Station:
3 free nights, limo transportation, 2 free show tickets, $50 food credit

Palace Station: $20,000 Cinco de Mayo slot tournament & drawings
Includes 3 free nights

The Orleans:
3 free nights, $250 Macy's gift card or $250 in promotional casino chips

3 complimentary nights, $200 food per day, $200 free slot play per day

Gold Coast:
2 free nights, $10 slot play per day, $20 food credit per day

2 free nights, $100 Sears gift card

Total Rewards: Reel Rewards Giveaway, May 14-16
Includes 3 free nights, $100 free play

Harrah's: 2010 Millionaire Maker video poker tournament, May 28-31
Includes 3 free nights

Free rooms, $25 in free slot play, 2 tickets to any concert

Main Street Station:
3 free nights, $30 food credit

Sahara: The Maui-n-May $10,000 slot tournament, BBQ & Pool Party, May 14-16
Includes 3 free nights, free pool side BBQ

Mar 29, 2009

La Salsa - Grande Burrito

La Salsa Mexican Grill. When we went inside the store, there was a board saying they make their salsa fresh daily. And I did like their salsa. They had one with cranberry and it was very good.

This is how much you get per person.

Grande Burrito $5.95 (we got the carnitas for $0.45 extra, so $7 total after tax)

Grilled chicken, sirloin steak or pork carnitas, rice, beans, Jack and Cheddar cheeses, salsa, guacamole, lettuce and sour cream in a flour tortilla.

Rating (food): 3.5 / 5
Repeat: Maybe

Mar 27, 2009

Red Ribbon Bakeshop - Panorama City, CA

Red Ribbon Bakeshop. Everybody seems to like this place, but I've had better in other places.
They sells whole cakes starting from $14.99.

Here's the prices for some of their items:
Empanada $1.84 (chicken) / $2.25 (beef)
Siopao (pork bun) $1.59
Halo-Halo (shaved ice) $3.99
Mango Roll $12.99
Choco Caramel Fudge $11.99
Mocha Roll $10.99
UBE Macapuno Roll (purple yam chiffon cake) $10.99
Brazo De Mercedes (soft baked meringue) $8.99
Mocha Mamon (macha-flavored French sponge cake) $1.19
Mamon (French sponge cake) $1.19
Ensaimada (brioche) $1.49
Banana Walnut Cake $3.59

Mango Cake $2.49
The world's best Philippine mangoes chopped and mixed in cream filling and covering three layers of white chiffon cake.

It was ok. No second time for me, though.

TAISAN (Chiffon Cake) $2.39
Ultra-moist and light chiffon cake brushed with margarine and sprinkled with granulated sugar.

It's got so much sugar on top, and it's really sweet, and it was very soft.

PAN DE SAL (Bread Rolls) $1.49
Sweet and soft bread buns rolled in bread crumbs.

It's just a roll. Nothing special.

Rating (food): 3 / 5
Rating (service): 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Red Ribbon Bakeshop
8231 Woodman Ave. Ste. B.
Panorama City, CA 91402
(818) 787-5388

Open daily 7am-9pm

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Mar 26, 2009

Four Queens - Hugo's Cellar, Nov. 2008

More photos from Hugo's Cellar. I LOVED my stuffed prawns. Escargot (puffs) were very greasy. I'm not sure if I'd order that again. I've been wanted to try their Cherries Jubilee and still haven't gotten that yet. Always we get too full before dessert. This time, we only had one appetizer, and we each had one entree, but again, we were full.

CLICK HERE for pics from August 2008.
CLICK HERE for pics from 2007.


Escargot en Croute $12
Six plump escargots sauteed in shallots, garlic, burgundy wine and fine herbs and a puff pastry topping.

husband's salad

my salad

Stuffed Jumbo Prawns $44
Prawns stuffed with crab, parsley, savory, and Old Bay seasoned bread crumbs.

If you like prawns and crab cakes, you're gonna love it. It's like a crab cake on top of prawns.

NY Strip (prime cut, 16 oz.) $50

Kona coffee $10 ($5 per person)

Hugo's Cellar menu

Rating (food): 4 / 5
Rating (service): 3.7/5
Repeat: Yes

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Mar 25, 2009

Four Queens - Hugo's Cellar, Aug. 2008

Hugo's Cellar at Four Queens. We love this place. When you walk in, they give you a rose. The portions are huge here, I guess I said so before. All entrees come with salad, but if you don't want it, you can just say you don't want. I asked to have my salad as a half portion, because I knew it was gonna be too much food. I never have enough room for desserts.

Everything was good, except the Hot Rock. Basically you cook raw meats yourself. But the meat had no taste. After free bread and Hot Rock meats, I was already starting to feel full.

CLICK HERE for pics from 2007.

Hugo's Hot Rock Specialty $28 ($14 per person)
On a sizzling granite slab mini medallions of filet, marinated swordfish, breast of chicken and shrimp served with a trio of special dipping sauces.

Crab and Portobellini $12
Petite portabello mushroom stuffed with citrus infused crab meat.
(We ordered this with no cheese.)

My salad, this is a half portion.

My husband's salad


Seabass $42

Filet & Prawns Aux Poivre $52
5 oz. choice fillet and jumbo shrimp in a green peppercorn sauce

cappuccino $5

Rating (food): 4 / 5
Rating (service): 3.7/5
Repeat: Yes

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Mar 24, 2009

A&B Chinese Express - Valencia, CA

A&B Chinese Express in Valencia, CA. My husband got this for his lunch. I believe this was a lunch special (11am-3:30pm), which comes with soup or salad.

Kung Pao Tofu & Veggies (half) $5.75
Diced, fried tofu cooked with mixed veggies in spicy kung pao sauce

egg drop soup

A&B Chinese Express
27051 McBean Parkway, Suite 103
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 288-2683
11am-9pm, open 7 days

28014 Seco Canyon Rd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91390
(661) 513-0350
11am-9pm, closed Monday

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Vegas offers

Here's the offers we recently received.

Monte Carlo: Horses, Hats and Heaps of Cash Giveaway, April 30-May 2
Includes 3 free nights, $50 in free play, one free drawing ticket

New York New York:
3 complimentary nights, $75 in free play, 20% off at select restaurants

Stratosphere: $20,000 Bingo Blast
Includes 3 complimentary nights

The Orleans:
2 complimentary nights, $50 in free play

The Orleans: Best of the West Invitational Poker Tournament, May18-20
Includes 3 complimentary nights

Bally's: Invitational $80,000 Poker Tournament, May 22-25
Includes 3 complimentary nights

The hotel:
2 complimentary nights

Palace Station:
3 free nights

Boulder Station:
Room rates starting at $19.99

Mar 22, 2009

Vinny's Pizza - Valencia, CA

Pizzas from Vinny's Pizza. We got two 8-inch personal pizzas. Each pizza was $5.75.
The crust was kinda thin, and it was very crispy. I didn't know until we got these pizzas that 8 inches is so small. We realized we like our pizza in the large size. We liked the taste. Although, it's possible we were just hungry. We were in this neighborhood again recently, and there were no customers here, and the workers looked so bored. Good restaurants are always busy, right? I believe you can't really judge the taste unless you try twice, at least. So many times I thought I liked something a lot the first time, but didn't like it the second time.

green peppers, sausage, pepperoni

Canadian bacon, green peppers, artichoke hearts, no cheese

Rating (food): 3.5 / 5
Rating (service): N/A
Repeat: Yes

Vinny's Pizza
23460 Cinema Dr.
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 291-1661