Sep 30, 2013

Tsurumaru Udon Honpo - Little Tokyo


I like Tsurumaru Udon. It's fast, cheap and delicious. Also everything is self-service so you don't have to wait to get refill or check. You order, pay, pickup food, pour water yourself, and return your trays.

I like Monzo but Tsurumaru is cheaper and pretty much same quality. Although I like tempura at Monzo better than Tsurumaru. Also portions are kinda small here, at Tsurumaru.

Zaru soba (L) $5.50
Is this really Large size? It's more like small size.

Kama-age udon (R) $4
And this is regular size. After finished eating, I wasn't full at all.

I also added chikuwa $1, sweet potato $1 and shrimp tempura $2.50

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Service: N/A
Repeat: Yes

Tsurumaru Udon Honpo
333 S Alameda St. 3rd Fl
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Mon-Sun 11 am - 8:30 pm

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