Apr 6, 2013

Portofino Cucina Italiana - Downtown


Big disappointment. First, I asked to our waiter if I can use my scoutmob 50% off offer for lunch. He said yes. I even clicked it and marked as used on my phone because he told me to do it. After I did it, they said "sorry, you can't use scoutmob offer for lunch". What a f**k? Well, they told me they're gonna give me coupon or something for the same deal so I can go back and use the offer during dinner time. But hey, never mind. I'm not going back.

Ok, Second, as soon as we arrived, I went to the restroom to wash my hands. As soon as I opened the door, it smelled SO bad and there were two BIG flies. It was REALLY disgusting. You know they always say, always check the restroom at the restaurants. You don't wanna eat at the dirty disgusting restroom restaurants.

For overall, the food was just average. I ordered meatballs and chicken marsala. I should've gotten panini or something. You can't really mess up with panini. Although my friend said the food was delicious.

lunch menu

Complimentary bread

Nero's double dark malt ale $10

Polpette al sugo $8.50
Angus beef meatballs, marinara sauce, slices of garlic bread.
I asked for no cheese, they brought with cheese on it so I asked them to bring with no cheese. The meatballs were too greasy and fatty. I felt like they were using cheap quality meat with mostly fat parts. I also felt like these were pre-made leftovers, it didn't seems like fresh to me.

Penne al pesto $7.99 + $3 for shrimp, comes with your choice of soup or salad
Tube pasta with pesto sauce, pine nuts, parmesan cheese


Chicken Marsala $8.99
Half chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms in marsala wine sauce.
I asked our waiter for his recommendation between chicken marsala and meatball spaghetti. He said chicken marsala so that's why I got this. It was ok, had very strong garlic flavor.

Americano $2.50

Rating: 3 / 5
Service: 3.2 / 5
Repeat: No

Portofino Cucina Italiana 
464 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 239-9019

Mon-Fri 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Mon-Sun 5 pm - 10 pm



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