Apr 25, 2013

Tarte Tatin Bakery - Beverly Hills (revisited)


I had some errands in the area today so I stopped by here.  I had some questions so I was asking, like what's inside the pastries, but I just couldn't hear at all what the cashier guy was saying. I felt so stupid wasting time, keep asking same questions over and over. I also knew everything is overpriced but I was really shocked when they said my two pastries were $11. Since I wasn't impressed with both taste and the service today, I don't think I'm going back.

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Pizzetta $4.95
tomato, roasted onion, cheese pastry

I asked like 3 times if this has any cheese, and I thought he said no cheese so I bought it but I was wrong. Like I said, I couldn't hear what he was saying at all. After removing all cheese, I tried it. It didn't have much flavor. (I know I removed cheese but usually pizza / tart still have flavor after removing cheese.) I wish I got money back for this. I didn't enjoy at all.

Almond croissant $5.25
Buttery, crunchy top. Worth $5? Nope.

Rating: 3.3 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Repeat: Maybe

Tarte Tatin Bakery 
9123 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 550-0011


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