Dec 13, 2013

Grainivore - Koreatown


Grainivore is newly opened Singaporian place in Koreatown. The menu is very simple, you pick from 4 items and comes with rice and salad. You choose from Hainan chicken, barbecued pork, beef rendang, and shrimp paste chicken (fried chicken). Everything is $6.99 except Beef Rendang.
If you go between 12-2pm, you get 20% off. Also free soda with yelp chck-in.

The blonde girl who helped me was really nice, she let me sampled beef and a piece of chicken! She was really nice but the other guy who was there, he was kinda rude.

Simple menu

I got Beef Rendang with chicken rice $7.84.

As you can see, salad is basically plain not so green lettuce. Also the portion of the meat was really small. I get only this much meat for $8? The food wasn't bad at all but it's not worth $8. I'd pay $4 but I won't pay more than that. Do you know how much food you can get for $8 in Koreatown??

Beef was very tender, cooked in coconut milk.

Rating : 3.4 / 5
Service: 3.4 / 5
Repeat: No

974 S Western Ave. Ste A
Los Angeles, CA 90006

(323) 734-2455

Mon-Sat 12 pm - 8 pm

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