Aug 17, 2010

Plate by Plate Aug.14. 2010 - Los Angeles


Pics from Plate by Plate on Aug.14, at California Science Center in Los Angeles.
Yes, I tried all these food below. And my favorites are Yogurtland, fish from Jiraffe, and Spot prawn "cuban style" from Thompson hotel.

California Science Center

fish from Jiraffe, Raphael Lunetta and superfruit soda cocktail

fish in tomato sauce, also bacon bits on top. Really tasty. I had two of them.
superfruit soda cocktail - VEEV acai spirit, blueberries, club soda and fresh lime

I also had Acai lemonade (bottom left)
VEEV acai spirit, lemonade, cranberry juice and fresh lemon

From JITLADA (Thai food)
Thai green curry chicken, Mitaki vegetable with tofu, Crying tiger beef

I tried Plain Tart, Mango, and cookies & cream yogurt.
For toppings - mochi, strawberry, blueberry, and mango.

Momo cosmo sake, Sapporo beer, and Naja Tea.

From Musha - Soy meat Kushi, Spicy Tuna Dip on Crispy Rice Cracker
and Roy's - Hamachi Poke, Forbidden black Thai rice pudding

From The Blvd (top) - Kampachi with avocado foam and shiso
and Thompson Beverly Hills (bottom) - Spot prawn "cuban style"

Unfortunately, I didn't like avocado form from The Blvd, that's because I don't like avocado. But I really liked Spot prawn from Thompson hotel. It's like rich creamy corn soup.

One World Vegetarian cuisine
Vegan cupcakes

Vegan shrimp spring Rolls, Vegan drumsticks
Vegan drumstick was like deep-fried tofu.

One World Vegetarian cuisine (top)
Hot Stuff Cafe (bottom left), cupcake from One World Vegetarian Cuisine (bottom right)

From Hot Stuff Cafe
miso scallop mousse profiteroles with brulee foie gras torchon
Very good.

From Hot Stuff Cafe
Confit pork belly with sweet corn grits, mushroom scallion salad and maple cider gastrique

Pastries from Susina Bakery

From Fraiche
salmon tartar on a potato chip (bottom left)
Panna cotta with watermelon soup (bottom right)
They were all delicious.

Maison Akira
Seared Albacore Tuna (top right), Crab Flan with Lobster Sauce (bottom left)

Miso black cod on lettuce

Starry Kitchen (top) - crispy tofu balls, Pandan flan
burgers from La Grande Orange (bottom left)
Char Siu Pork croissant from Jar (bottom right)

La Grande Orange
Green Chili Burger Sliders

I think this is potato salad

gift bag - bulgogi sauce, magazine, coupons, gift card, pedometer, etc

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