Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo 2010 - Vegas and Food

Aug 24, 2010

Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo 2010


Pics from Nisei Week Japanese Festival 2010.

CLICK HERE for pics from 2009.



Dogzilla hotdog (with no avocado) $6
all beef frank, bacon bits, grilled onions, furikake, Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce

Dogzilla hot dog is one of the best hot dog I ever had. It was really tasty.
Sometimes the bun can be really dry, but this wasn't. I loved every bite.

Yakisoba hotdog $6
spicy hot rink topped with yakisoba noodles, okonomi sauce, red ginger, topped off with aonori

Hawaiian shave ice

Shaved ice $3
I forgot which flavors I got. But I like Japanese shaved ice better than Hawaiian shaved ice.

Azuki bean shaved ice $5
red bean and condensed milk inside

Takoyaki Tanota

Takoyaki 8pcs $5
It was delicious as always


so many cosplay people

from food booth and a cute girl posing

I bought Fugetsu-Do strawberry peanut butter mochi $2
It was ok.

Outside Yamazaki bakery



Harajuku style cosplay people


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